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About The Course

The first thing you’ll receive as a subscriber is…

A 3-week hands on training course on OptionsPay Cashflow Strategy from me personally.

I don’t know if you’ve had this experience, but when you sign up for most income courses and trading services, they will send you a dull “how-to” manual, if you’re lucky.

I know, because I’ve subscribed to a bunch of them! What happens is most people walk away even more confused than when they first signed up.

In OptionsPay, I’m doing something completely different (and much, much better). In short, I have created a brand-new approach to sharing my strategy. I’ve completely dedicated myself to making sure you learn how to generate income the “OptionsPay” way.

For starters, there will be no “do-it-yourself” PDFs, primers, or other tutorial garbage.

Instead, I’m going to explain every single detail myself.

Bottom line, this is not another course that simply sends you picks every month that you really don’t understand… and therefore can’t control.

I believe in knowledge and control as these are the two primary needs of successful wealth generation.

So I’ve designed OptionsPay Cashflow Strategy to teach you to understand the strategies I cover inside and out so you can control your positions and safeguard your wealth.

I call this the “Self-Sufficiency Principle”. To be truly empowered, sovereign and in charge of your wealth I believe you need to know why something works – not just the “what” and “how” of it.

Second, I don’t recommend making trades on any old stock that might work. I focus only on certain stocks that pass my “A+ Assessment” – this is a 4-part test that gives you extra safety. To my knowledge, nobody else does that.

Third… and as I’ve mentioned… I’m completely committed to helping you become wealthy… and want you to be satisfied with the research and ideas you’ll be receiving.

As you begin nailing down some of the basics, I’ll start giving you real recommendations on ways to use the strategy right now to start potentially collecting an extra $300 – $3,000 or more each month.

I truly believe you will walk away from the 3-week course with a better command of these concepts and a solid understanding of this investment approach. You won’t be left in the dark.

There will be SEVEN lessons in total. It’s important that you go through all seven, and in the correct sequence.

These were specially designed to teach you key concepts and systematically build you up to the point where you can use OptionsPay Cashflow Strategy on your own.

So please go through all lessons and in the order they’re prescribed.

Even if you’ve had options-trading experience, I recommend that you read the lessons delivered.

I suggest you go through two lessons a week… with the goal of having you up to speed after just 3 and a half weeks.

I want to make sure you’re prepared to do this the right way, should you decide to give this investment approach a shot.

The way of generating income recommended is incredibly low-risk… but you need to know what you’re doing.

As you’re going through these SEVEN lessons over the course of several weeks, I’ll also start sending you details on a new income opportunity every third Monday of the month.

I’ll give you all the information you need to know, and will continue – even after the formal instruction part of OptionsPay Cashflow Strategy is done to explain, step-by-step, how to take advantage of each new recommendation.

I strongly suggest that you don’t start acting on these recommendations until you have completed the 3-week course.

Before you decide to go ahead and give the service a try, I want to tell you about a bonus set of research that comes with your subscription…

Up To Four FREE Bonus Reports To Jump Start Your Wealth

However, as a way to sweeten the pot even more, I’d like to offer you a shameless bribe for simply trying OptionsPay Cashflow Strategy for the next 30 days.

The following four FREE reports are yours to keep even if you decide OptionsPay Cashflow Strategy is not for you.

Take a look at what you’ll be getting…

Bonus Report #1
Secrets of Millionaire Traders

Discover what made the difference to those who ‘walk the talk’ in today’s markets.

In these exclusive interviews, millionaire traders reveal to you the inside secrets of how they sky-rocketed themselves to super-trader status – and how you can do the same.

This e-book is like ‘The Market Wizards’ series of books, all rolled up, condensed down and summarized for you into 23 easy to understand, simple to follow rules, tips and secrets.

No fluff, no filler… just facts.

Follow these step-by-simple-step rules and you’ll be speeding past other traders like a road runner on steroids. Some of these secrets are so powerful you’ll be simply itching for the next trading day to begin.

FACT: Absolutely the easiest way for you to become a successful trader is to model yourself on those traders who are already successful. It’s simple really.

FACT: Very few people are able to do exactly that.

Bonus Report #2
7 Habits Of Highly Successful Traders

For the successful trader knows every action he takes, every decision he makes he, and only he, is responsible for that action.

You will never meet a successful trader who is looking to blame someone else, or something else for the consequences of his results. It just will not happen. You see, when you accept 100%, no questions asked responsibility for all your actions you close the door to ‘excuses’; behind you.

When something goes wrong instead of looking for someone else to shoulder the blame, you will accept responsibility, note it down and vow never to repeat it again.

‘Simply, you are willing to accept you are going to make mistakes, but more importantly, you are going to learn and never repeat those mistakes. A vital component of any winning trader.’

Bonus Report #3
Keys To Top Trading Profits

’18 trading champions share their keys to trading profits. Includes interviews with George Fontanills who incorporates options to lower risk.

Trader George Fontanills first began utilizing options in order to go ‘delta neutral’ on his futures positions, which would allow him to ‘still sleep well at night’.

Since he began using Options in conjunction with his futures trading, Fontanills believes he has found a way to accelerate his profits while decreasing his risk.

Bonus Report #4
The Trader Business Plan

Just as a carpenter needs his hammer, saw, and blueprints, it is important for the trader to be well equipped with the proper tools.

The most important tool required for trading success is a good, solid business plan.

There is a saying: ‘Without a plan to win, you automatically plan to fail’. Compare trying to trade without a ‘goal’ to a soccer team playing without a goal or a net to put the ball in for a score. They would run the field in circles aimlessly until they tire out.

In this report, you’ll discover how to put together a trading business plan including mission statement, goal setting, financial and time commitment, record keeping, trading plan methodologies, drawdown rules and contingency plan, compensation etc. required for a successful trading career.

Your Strategies Have Helped Us Get
Started And Get In Profit Right Away!

“We were sick of the stress of running our own car washing company and found ourselves looking for ways to make money from the stock market. Your strategies and techniques have helped us get started and get in profit right away!” John L.

Just Get Started, Right Now… Totally Risk Free!

If OptionsPay is not for you, just cancel and refund.
No reason needed. Here’s the Money-Back Guarantee.
Total risk = $0.
Strong upside. No downside.
All you have to do is…

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