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Banks Are Ripping You Off:
Is 0.75% Per Year On Your
Money Really Fair?

How is it that you deposit money into your bank and only get back 0.75% on your money per year?

After all, the banks are loaning that money out to little Jack down the street for his first car at 3.99% — that’s a 800% spread for the bank.

Then there’s the kid going off to college. If he’s like most college grads, he’ll be sitting on a student loan debt of more than $25,000 financed by your bank at 7% — a spread of about 1,400%.

And that young couple that moved in around the corner, they’re paying 3.5% on their mortgage — another 700% spread on your money.

And then when all these folks get in over their heads, the bank gives them a credit card at 15% — a spread of 3,000%

None of which are possible without your money by the way.

But here’s the rub: you don’t get a say in who gets your money or what they use it for.

You’ll never see their credit score and you’ll never meet them and look them in the eye as they take your money and use it for… well… whatever.

All you get is what amounts to a slap in the face by your “friendly personal banker” who gives you a whopping 0.75% — if you’re lucky — for your money while he pockets the difference.

Add in the rising cost of taxes, insurance and everyday living expenses and you’ll be lucky if you can keep from going backwards.

In fact, John Buckingham, a Chief Investment Officer for money management firm AFAM, sums it up nicely:

“Money market funds are the modern day equivalents of the mattress, paying a miserly 0.02% on average. At that rate, your money will double every 3,466 years.”

In other words, with rising costs and declining yields, your “safe” money may not be so safe after all.

Below is my personal bank statement showing how much my bank pays me in interest every year…

Bank Ripoff

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