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Frequently Asked Questions

How Did OptionsPay Originate?
OptionsPay was formed in 2007 by Daniel Dwase and Future Success Ltd. after extensive research and back testing of the U.S. Market. Since its establishment, OptionsPay has now become the foremost leader on the Global Stock Market arena.

How much do I need to invest?
We suggest you invest a minimum of $2,000 USD however to see greater returns we would recommend you invest with a minimum of $5,000 – $20,000 USD.

What are the returns from trading OptionsPay Cashflow Strategy?
The returns on OptionsPay Cashflow Strategy have historically averaged between 3% – 10% per month. The U.S. Market is so liquid that we have experienced returns in excess of 13% at times for the month. At all times we buy insurance on our shares to protect our investments.

Why should I trade OptionsPay Cashflow Strategy?
OptionsPay Cashflow Strategy is specifically designed to allow you the freedom of time, due to the short time nature of transacting a trade. The average time required to invest per month is on average 10 minutes after completing our mandatory OptionsPay Education. With these phenomenal strategies, it allows you the luxury of time to enjoy the finer moments in life while your money is working for you, not you working for money.

How many Strategies does OptionsPay have?
OptionsPay provides multiple strategies that are inherently low in risk. It also caters for conservative investors, medium risk and aggressive investors who desire more lucrative high returns per month.

Is there any risk in investing with OptionsPay?
Like everything, there is risk, it is how you manage risk and how you apply OptionsPay Cashflow Strategy to reduce your risk or potentially eliminate your total risk. We always buy insurance for our shares.

Can anybody invest with OptionsPay?
Anybody can invest with OptionsPay Cashflow Strategy. It is designed for investors who have been thinking about high-return strategies, but don’t know where to start. It is designed for investors whose traditional forms of investment are not producing the returns they want. It is also designed for investors who are searching for a part-time profit based cashflow system to produce a secondary income stream.

Do I need a broker to trade OptionsPay Cashflow Strategy?
You will need to sign up with a registered U.S. broker to trade OptionsPay Cashflow Strategy. Our recommended broker is included in the course.

Do I need to be in the U.S. to trade OptionsPay Cashflow Strategy?
No. You can trade anywhere in the world. All you need is a computer and an internet connection.

Does OptionsPay Cashflow Strategy require much time to transact?
Once you have completed the OptionsPay Cashflow Strategy education, a typical transaction requires 10 minutes of your time per month, once you have mastered the process.

Are there any other products that can assist me with OptionsPay?
We have our OptionsPay U.S.Trading Diary designed to provide you with the most powerful information to help you generate massive cashflow. Our U.S.Trading Diary is our flagship product, in which we select our option picks according to our proprietary criteria, track selected investments, define various strategies and discuss market conditions. Every night before a market day, our team of experts pour over hundreds of potential transactions. We then narrow them down to a short list of 3 selections. A monthly recommendation is loaded into online profiles for all our members to review. A dedicated team of mentors are allocated to you, holding your hand and guiding you through your investments and any questions you have. Support staff are all experienced investors who also invest real money utilising these lucrative strategies.

Can I teach my children OptionsPay Cashflow Strategy?
Our youngest graduate is 10 years old and our oldest graduate is 85 years old. We encourage you to teach your children the value of money and how to invest in the stock market using OptionsPay Cashflow Strategy. This will be benefit them and provide them the opportunity to potentially achieve financial freedom.

Support with OptionsPay Cashflow Strategy
There is support offered with OptionsPay Cashflow Strategy when purchased online. There are one skype/phone sessions, to guide you through the entire process, step by step. Additional support can be provided if needed. We are here to make you a successful OptionsPay Cashflow Strategist.